"Literacy, Linguistics and Language Education"


A. Literacy and Linguistics
1.    Functional Literacy and Theoretical Issues
2.    Literacy and Discourse
3.    Literacy and Language Policy
4.    Literacy and Literature
5.    Vernacular and Indigenous Literacy
6.    Literacy Development in Bilingual and Multilingual Contexts
7.    Literacy Modeling in Educational Linguistics
8.    Literacy and Language Acquisition
9.    Literacy and ForensicLinguistics
10.  Literacy Challenges for the 21st Century: Linguistics and Education Perspectives (keynote)

B. Literacy in Language Education
1.    Gender Literacy in Language teaching
2.    Good Practices in Literacy Education
3.    Language and Literacy in Education
4.    Literacy and Technology in Language Education
5.    Literacy in Language Curriculum Development
6.    Language Material Development for Literacy
7.    Multicultural Literacy in Language Education
8.    Transforming Literacy Instruction in Language Teaching
9.    Literacy and Information Technology
10.    Literacy Crises and Reading Policies
11.    Early Childhood Language and Literacy Development